Who is Aaron Richards?

Aaron Richards is a higher education consultant with over 8 years of experience in counseling and business development. Aaron is currently a VP of Business Development for a software company, where he develops and implements growth strategies for achieving company goals. Before this position, Aaron worked as a business development executive at a University, where he counseled thousands of students and parents into furthering their education at an extremely affordable cost. He created this company to assist high school students with avoiding the biggest financial crisis in America, student loans. Finish For Free makes the process of getting a college degree with little to no debt possible for EVERYONE. Aaron holds a BA from Arizona State University, He also holds an MS from Grand Canyon University. Aaron lives in Southern California with his wife, Brooke, and 2 kids, Brighton and Ace.

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Why Finish For Free 

Quality and unbiased higher education counseling are extremely rare to come by. After nearly a decade of working in higher education, we have noticed that there is no incentive to get students to save on expenses. If a student has no scholarship, paying for college can be a nightmare. So, with Finish For Free, students will learn ALL of the pitfalls that the majority of the college-goers face. Prioritizing time to get a sound plan together for the future of your students is going to pay dividends for your family's financial health for generations to come.


The world’s first defined blueprint to go to college and Finish For Free!


With our digital course and corresponding learning material, we help make this journey simple and achievable.


We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.


Our mission is to provide counseling to high school students and their parents who want to graduate college without any student loan debt.

Goals Finish For Free 

If you want to be our partner, then you are in safe hands. Finish for free is a platform that provides student loan counseling programs that offer 100% tuition reimbursements. We provide a blueprint for students to graduate with zero debt. We also provide advice/ guidance on scholarships and grants that best suit you and will pay well! We offer digital courses, PDF help templates or guides, and Teachables or Thinkfic to further elaborate our aims and goals. We help students to discover student loans and how to avoid them and offer excellent benefits to employees.  Going to College is not an intimidating dream anymore. With Finish for Free, you will graduate college and live well with your dream career. No risks, no regrets! That is the promise that we keep.



Finish for Free is designed to facilitate hardworking individuals to pursue their goals in life without worrying about funds. Our objective is to help individuals graduate without debt and start their career path with no stress of how to pay back a huge sum to their lender. 

We at Finish for free have the following services;

  • Avoid student loans programs
  • Student loan protection services
  • Student loan counseling program
  • Financial aid counseling program for high school students
  • Analyze top schools and colleges for scholarships and grants
  • Employers in the US, offer up to 100% tuition reimbursements
  • Providing excellent services to the employees we hire in order to provide quality services to others
  • We reduce the chances of behavioral issues, domestic problems, current progress and grades of the individuals, and lack of planning higher education paths or degrees with the loans provided by us

We provide the blueprint of the steps that the interested individuals will take in order to avail our facility. We guide with the help of digital courses, PDF templates, and help guides and online courses that are charged only once. We are also available 24/7 to answer any queries over the internet.