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Student Debt in America is Killing the Middle Class

Student debt in America has peaked in the last decade making people’s lives difficult. It is a crisis that is affecting millions of middle-class people. Paying off this debt feels like it will last their whole lives or at least the majority of years during their youth. No matter which pandemic hits, they are supposed to pay it all off. No compromises on that. About 44.7 million Americans have to pay off their student loan, which crossed a total of $1.7 trillion to date. People are unable to live peacefully with the current financial trends, where they have to take care of their families, pay for rents and student loans every single month. It is making their lives miserable and they regret ever going to school for such a stressful life. People are going into default after not being able to pay off their debt. Some people are paying off their debts for over 20 years and the balance is only going up and it is not making any difference in their lives. ... Read More