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frequently asked questions - Finish For Free
frequently asked questions - Finish For Free

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What is the Finish for Free program?

Finish for free is a ground breaking higher education counseling service that serves high school students. We have geared our services towards parents who want their children to:
Avoid Student Debt
Get a jumpstart on their career
Have a healthy savings account

Who this program is NOT for:

This is NOT for your student if they have no plans of graduating college. This is NOT for students who already have a full-ride academic or athletic scholarship. Scholarship students have to spend 20+ hours outside of the classroom to maintain their grades, their athletic performance, or both. This pathway is designed to give direction to those who don’t have a clear education plan. Unfortunately, school counselors spend most of their days dealing with students’ personal, family, and behavior problems.

What is the minimum amount of hours my student needs to commit to this program?

The minimum hours to commit is only 10 hours per week. Of course, the more time they can dedicate to this pathway, the more discipline and results they will receive in return.

Can you help my student with selecting the right college and employer?

Our course takes you through step by step on what to expect in their higher education pathway. We also offer personal services that include:
1:1 counseling sessions
Done For You Scholarship/Grant Essays
Done For You College Applications
Analysis Of Your Top Schools
Job Placement Assistance

How do I know this pathway works?

More than 52% of ALL employers offer undergraduate tuition assistance. If you think about this logically; employers want to reduce attrition and increase retention, which is a large reason they started offering these benefits (or any benefit for that matter). Employees who are offered tuition reimbursement stay longer with the company and are also more qualified for promotions. So this is a mutually beneficial option for both the employer and employee.

Can I work with Finish For Free?

We have an affiliate program and once you join the community, you can refer friends and family and you’ll receive incentives like cash prizes, tickets to monthly drawings for scholarships, and discounts on future services.

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